Opposition accuses govt of making Parliament a rubber stamp
Boycotts PNSC Dec 6 in-camera briefing over PTI's dictatorial attitude

TNV Desk

ISLAMABAD: The joint opposition parties while accusing the government of making parliament a ‘rubber stamp’, have mutually decided yesterday to boycott the in-camera briefing on the national security issues to be held on December 6.

Opposition benches had taken this decision over government’s dictatorial attitude and after getting irked by the ruling party’s way of bulldozing bills during the joint session of parliament.

Following their consultation on Wednesday, the opposition has issued a joint statement that stated it had been informed by the government about an in-camera briefing by National Security Adviser (NSA) Dr Moeed Yousuf to the PNSC on December 6.

They maintained that opposition parties had always shown a responsible and serious attitude on all issues of the constitution, law, national security, and public importance, which is why – despite the absence of the leader of the house and his complete detachment from important national and public issues – the opposition parties fully participated in these briefings.

The statement highlighted that due to the current government’s attitude of ‘bulldozing’ important bills, as well as its ‘persistently authoritarian and mediocre approach’ to important constitutional, legal, national and security issues, the opposition has decided to boycott the in-camera briefing.

The united opposition stated that it contains parties that have a “mature vision, extensive experience and seriousness on critical issues. They emphasised that it was unfortunate that the current government was adopting the policy of using parliament as a “rubber stamp”.


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