CJP Gulzar says military land under commercial use should be returned to govt

TNV Desk

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court yesterday remarked that military land should only be used for defence purposes, any such land which where commercial activities are conducted should be returned back to the government.

During the hearing of the case pertaining to the construction of commercial properties on the land allocated for defence purposes, the chief justice directed the defence secretary, Lt Gen (retd) Mian Hilal, to submit a fresh report within four weeks.

As per the law, military land could not be used for purposes other than defence, the CJP remarked.

The Chief Justice said that there were commercial activities taking place on cantonment lands across the country and the houses built on defence land were being sold for Rs100 million, asking who will make these payments in return for taking the land back.

“Go to Lahore and see how massive marriage halls and grandiose buildings have been built on military land,” Justice Gulzar told defence secretary and asked how can a marriage hall be built on a piece of land set aside for strategic purposes?

Justice Gulzar also rejected the report submitted by the secretary, saying the report claimed buildings on the said land have been demolished, but these constructions are still present.

The defence secretary said he will visit the area in person and compile a fresh report along with pictures.

“This is an embarrassing situation for us and the army,” the chief justice remarked.


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