Palestinians agony and unending tears


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Mehak Shahid

Israel and Palestine Conflict:

In between the 1920s and 40s several Jewish refugees arrived in Palestine and proclaimed that the “Germans destroyed our homes and families. Don’t you destroy our hopes”. It all started from there when the violence rose between Arabs and Jews for seeking a homeland after the holocaust of WWII.

Fast forward to 1947, when the UN voted to split Palestine into separate Jewish and Arab states. The idea was accepted by few and rejected by the majority. Hence it was never implemented. In 1967, Israel occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank. 

What is Happening in Palestine and Why?

Over a decade of years, the fight is ongoing with the increasing ratio of deaths in Palestine. Since 2006, more than 34000 Palestinians have been killed, around 15,000 injured which is a matter of fact. They have been threatened on and off by Israel and imposing several unnecessary restrictions on them. Also, calling it an act of defense or ethnic cleansing. However, it is just a move to knock down peace and kill countless innocent people in the name of war, which is an attack always.

Current Attack On Masjid-ul-Aqsa:

During the holy month of Ramadan, when Muslims gather to pray while fasting. Israeli police put unlimited limitations and created trouble for them when stepping outside the Old city to offer their prayers in masjid.

Masjid-ul Aqsa is the third holy site and it was bombarded with CS gas and grenades on Palestinian which has injured thousands of people and damaged the holy masjid badly. This has given the rise to conflicts among people and left the world once again in a state of worry. It just didn’t stop here but Israeli forces threatened people in Sheikh Jarrah and evicted them from their houses.

According to some recent news, they have started dancing in front of people who are praying peacefully, all these acts are not acceptable at any cost. The attack which was started in Ramadan does not come to end but Israel has attacked Gaza and their media stations also.

Many children in their eid suits are crying, men and women and families are killed violently. All these acts are highly condemned by people around the world. Meanwhile, Israel is getting successful in destroying all the media connections to make the world unaware of the facts and what is happening in Palestine right now.

How the Situation Can be Controlled:

The people of Palestine are suffering for years and still, they have no support in such a crucial time. They are running through ravaged streets and tumbling out of bullet-strewn buildings. Unfortunately, the current situation is unpredictable to say anything about when this violence will end and how. But the world is with Palestine and praying, it is also high time for the organizations to come forward and rescue them.

Also, boycotting of the selected products is observed to stand with innocent souls of Palestine. Maybe together it can bring a positive change and put an end to such brutal acts of Israel. As Palestinians have no option, they don’t even know what will happen tomorrow and can’t take a break from such a frantic and dreadful situation.

“It’s not a conflict. It’s a genocide and a massive human rights violation”







































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