PM Imran Khan, President Alvi strongly condemns Israeli forces attack on Al-Aqsa Mosque


Syeda Mavra Aqeel

Journalist at The News Vision
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Syeda Mavra Aqeel

Prime Minister Imran Khan has strongly condemned the Israeli police attack on Palestinian worshippers at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque.

PM Khan on his official Twitter handle also offered his support to the Palestinian people.

He urged the international community to take immediate action to protect the Palestinians and their legitimate rights.

President Dr Arif Alvi also tweeted about the grave incident and wrote:

‘My brothers don’t lose hope. Time is near when International Politics will be based on morality and not on vested interests’, President added in his tweet.

The foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi also wrote on Twitter ‘Condemn in strongest term attack on innocent worshippers in Al –Aqsa Mosque’

He further wrote, ‘Such brutality is against very spirit of humanity and human rights law. Pakistan stands steadfast in support of Palestinian cause’.

At least 205 Palestinians were injured in the clashes. They were hit by rubber bullets and stun grenades.

Israel occupied East Jerusalem during the Arab Israel war in 1967, then annexed the entire city in 1980 and this move was never recognized by the international community.




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