India’s COVID19 situation too alarming

Pic Credit: AFP

Syeda Mavra Aqeel

Journalist at The News Vision
This is Syeda Mavra Aqeel. Working as a Journalist / Content Writer at The News Vision. Pursued my Masters degree in International Relations. I believe that when a career and a passion comes together, it adds beauty to the life.
Syeda Mavra Aqeel

Today the world is realizing that coronavirus aggravating situation in India seems to be unstoppable. India was put under severe lockdown at the time it didn’t have many cases. Despite that, this new wave of Covid19 has brought immense devastation to the human life in India.

Millions of people in India live below the poverty line, those people were left without food, shelter supply and the scarcity of oxygen at high rate.

Today India is facing worst wave of coronavirus. More than 4,000 deaths recorded from coronavirus in a single day, whereas new cases in a single day were 3,95,013. On the other hand, 24.59 lakh vaccine doses are given on a daily basis.

Indian government has badly failed to control this situation due to the poor administration and management. People are dying without getting proper treatment due to lack of facilities in the hospitals.

Indian capital, Delhi is the hotspot of coronavirus where hospitals are over loaded, shortage of oxygen, beds, and medical supplies is witnessed all around.





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