“Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lives in our hearts, will not tolerate any disrespect”: PM Imran Khan tells western countries


Aneel Ahmed Usmani

CEO-Editor at The News Vision. An experienced Journalist both in Digital and Print Media. Working in the field of Journalism for more than a decade. Truth, Patience and Tolerance keys towards unending success.
Aneel Ahmed Usmani

Prime Minister Imran Khan took a firm stand on the blasphemy issue, has asked the governments of Western countries to “penalise those deliberately spreading their message of hate against Muslims” by disrespecting Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the same way that they had “outlawed any negative comment against the Holocaust”.

PM Imran Khan wrote on his official Twitter handle:

In a another tweet, the prime minister also demanded an apology form such extremists who are inciting religious hate.

It is not hidden to anyone, that in the western countries, Islamophobia is rising fast and the sheer disrespect of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is witnessed which cannot be accepted at any cost.

The western governments are not taking any decisive steps to nip such evils in the bud who are causing pain to the sentiments of billions of Muslims through such hatred and obnoxious statements.

World must understand that on the issue of any kind of impertinence brought to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Muslims will never ever be silent rather they would turn out to be in a highly aggressive mode if any western state fails to strictly punish such extremist elements.


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