Indonesian Consulate holds media gathering in Karachi


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Karachi: The Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi held a media gathering where journalists from well-known media houses were in attendance.

The Indonesian CG in Karachi while responding to the challenges of diplomacy amid the Covid-19 pandemic, said that it is the need of the hour that both the countries should continuously remain in cooperation and strong relationship, especially in people-to-
people diplomacy.

During the gathering, the Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi introduced three educational and cultural programs that are organized by the Consulate throughout 2021, namely Indonesian language classes, KNB Scholarship, and Indonesia Virtual Show.

In this meeting, Consul for Information and Socio-Culture conveyed the important role of the press in society, which becomes very relevant especially in today’s information age.

Furthermore, the Indonesian Consulate once again promotes the digital platform Indonesia Portal which can facilitate the process and initiatives for cooperation between the people of Indonesia and Pakistan in various aspects, including trade, investment, tourism, education, as well as arts and culture.

While speaking at the occasion, Indonesian CG hoped that in the future these programs will initiate other supporting activities, through establishing collaboration and cooperation with the media and other stakeholders from the two countries.




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