Anti-terror law: Ban to be imposed on TLP soon: Sheikh Rasheed

Pic Credit: Sheikh Rasheed Twitter

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ISLAMABAD: The Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said yesterday that the government has decided to impose a ban on the Tehreek-e-Labbaik Pakistan (TLP) under the anti-terrorism law.

This decision came into limelight subsequent upon the request of the Punjab government, said minister.

Rasheed told journalists in Islamabad that “We are forwarding a summary to the federal cabinet to impose a ban on the TLP.”

The continuing protests by a religious party have made the lives of the people miserable in major cities across the country for the past two days and the situation is getting worse as three people already died, including two policemen while at least 100 policemen have also been injured in clashes with the protesters.

The minister also said that miscreants had snatched a rifle from a police officer and used it to fire at others in one of the protests.

Rasheed further said in order to negotiate with the TLP leadership, the government desired to table a resolution in the National Assembly with a purpose to build a consensus on it but TLP was firm on their stance to march to the Faizabad Interchange.

Interior minister made it explicit that “As far as the matter of Khatam-e-Nabwat is concerned, I am ready to give my life but all our efforts to negotiate with TLP had failed.”

Minister added that “I have neither supported this party nor had ever met late Khadim Hussain Rizvi, the ban has been imposed due to TLP’s “character”, politics has nothing to do with it.”

Rasheed said that all FIRs against the miscreants were filed as per the law.



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