FPCCI appoints Khalida Saleem as Convener ‘Sindh Regional Committee on Food & Security’


Aneel Ahmed Usmani

CEO-Editor at The News Vision. An experienced Journalist both in Digital and Print Media. Working in the field of Journalism for more than a decade. Truth, Patience and Tolerance keys towards unending success.
Aneel Ahmed Usmani
Karachi: President FPCCI, Mian Nasir Hayat Maggu has appointed Khalida Saleem Khan as Convener of Sindh Regional Committee of FPCCI on “Food Safety & Security” 2021.
Khalida Khan has been engaged in Food related business since long, apart from this she is also involved in the business of fresh fruits and vegetables both for domestic and international markets.
Talking to ‘The News Vision’, Khalida said a very significant opportunity is now on her shoulders and she will try her level best to create maximum awareness in people’s knowledge for the safety of their health in all aspects.
She also said that, as the coronavirus pandemic is also rising, so in this situation it is very important to take all possible precautionary measures for the safety of the people.
“For increasing people’s knowledge in this aspect, working from the platform of FPCCI under the guidance and leadership of president Nasir Maggu is an honour for me”, Khalida said.


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