Why Pakistan on ‘red list’ travel ban? UK lawmakers pens letter to PM Boris Johnson

Pic Credit: AFP

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LONDON: UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s answer awaiting, as around 50 British parliamentarians have questioned him to urgently answer along with factual evidence as to why Pakistan and Bangladesh have been added to the “red list” countries starting from April 9, 2021.

The chair of the All Parties Parliamentary Group on Pakistan (APPG), Yasmin Qureshi wrote a letter which was signed by 50 parliamentarians both from the Labour and Conservative groups.

Well, this one is termed as the huge intervention from the side of lawmakers when the UK government added Pakistan and Bangladesh on “red list” countries.

The MPs demand in the letter: “We feel that the government should do everything it can to help our constituents left stranded by this decision. They are being put into a position of either being stuck abroad or getting into considerable debt to pay to get home. We are asking for the government to explore charter flight options or to provide financial support for those stranded. If this cannot be done, then measures need to be put in place to extend the cut-off date.”

The UK parliamentarians have questioned PM Johnson that why the UK government has not provided any data to support the travel ban.

The letter says: “We have major concerns about the lack of available data and evidential and scientific reasoning which have been used to put these countries on the red list. Based on available data, many other countries not on the red list have more positive COVID tests per 100,000 people than Pakistan. The current rate of infection in Pakistan is also reportedly lower than the UK. We would be grateful if the full data and evidence can be provided to show why these specific countries have been added to the red list and provide an urgent clarification of the decision-making process.”


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