People ready to send ‘ill-prepared’ govt back home: Maryam Nawaz

Pic Credit: Geo TV

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Pakistan Muslim League (N) vice president Maryam Nawaz yesterday took a jibe at Prime Minister Imran Khan for “admitting” that ministers belonging to Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf does not know how to run the affairs of the country.

PML-N leader made these remarks while addressing to a rally participants of Pakistan Democratic Movement in Mardan.

Criticizing the premier, Maryam said in her speech that the “ill-prepared” ruling leaders of PTI seemed to have been “fully prepared to bring the country downward in all aspects”.

“The Prime Minister had himself unearthed the incompetency and failure of his government on television yesterday,” Maryam said.

Further taking a dig at the PM Khan’s statement, Maryam said that “When you knew you are unqualified and unfit for running the country, you must tell the people of Mardan why you were in such a hurry to wear a sherwani,” she referred to the choice of clothes which the PM Khan wore during his swearing in ceremony.

PML-N leader in her continuous slamming to PM Imran Khan during her speech also said that “You were not prepared to run the country but you were fully prepared to rob the people of Rs400bn of sugar and Rs225bn of wheat”.

Maryam further said that prior to the elections, the prime minister spoke about “a fabulous team of 200 people, which all we see are incumbent ministers who are just playing musical chairs by swapping ministries every time.”

Moreover, the PML-N leader while recalling back the PTI’s promise of providing 10 million jobs said that the government may not have been prepared to fulfill the promise till to date.

Speaking about the tragedy at Khyber Teaching Hospital, where six COVID-19 patients died just because of poor management on account of the supply of oxygen, she added that “You were not prepared to ensure adequate healthcare facilities, but were fully prepared to hike medicine prices by 500%.”

In addition to this, Maryam also said that the prime minister wasn’t prepared to introduce police reforms, but he was “fully prepared to use the police to get his brother-in-law a plot”.

PML-N leader further remarked “You were not prepared to ensure justice, but you were fully prepared to file a judicial reference against Justice Qazi Faez Isa.”

On a lighter side, PML-N stalwart also asked the crowd to join her in chanting: “Where is Saqib Nisar’s Saadiq (Trustworthy) and Ameen (Truthful)?”

In her concluding address, she said that “The people of Pakistan and Mardan have told you that you might not be prepared to govern this country, but they are fully prepared to send you back to home.”




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