Petrol Bomb: Mafia much stronger than ruling govt, says Raffat Saleem

Pic01-038 KARACHI: May01- People stand in a queue for filling their bike fuel tank as The Government has reduced Petrol Prices in Pakistan for May 2020 on the recommendation of the Oil and Gas Regulatory during a government-imposed nationwide lockdown as a preventive measure against the COVID-19 coronavirus. ONLINE PHOTO by Anwar Abbas

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KARACHI: Director International Human Rights on World Information and World Peace Ambassador (UNO) Raffat Saleem Qureshi has slammed the sudden decision of the federal government after it has increased the prices of petroleum commodities by Rs25.58 per liter.

The whopping rise in price of petrol by Rs25.58 has now brought the final price to Rs100.10 per liter again from the existing Rs74.52. The new prices are in effect from today.

Raffat told media persons that it seems the government is consistently being blackmailed from the petrol mafia and has failed to eliminate the hold of hoarders in the country. On the other side, government is putting huge burden and financial pressure on the general public by making such hefty rise in the prices of petroleum products.

Raffat Saleem Qureshi, World Peace Ambassador (UNO)

In the global scenario, the prices of petrol are much lower, only in Pakistan, it is witnessed that suddenly Rs20 to Rs25 are raised in prices. It seems that Karachi has also been isolated from other parts of Pakistan. Neither electricity, nor gas and now the hike in petrol prices has left the condition of the masses in horrible condition, Saleem said further.

Saleem also said that as now the current prices of high-speed diesel (HSD) has been hiked to Rs101.46 per litre from the current price of Rs80.15, a jump of Rs21.31, kerosene oil (SKO) will be Rs59.06, a rise of Rs23.50 over the existing Rs35.56 while the price of light diesel oil (LDO) has been pushed up by Rs17.84 to Rs55.98 from the current Rs38.14, this decision is certainly unfavorable for the people that has been taken after the passing of annual budget.

“A month ago, government had given relief to the people by lowering the cost of petroleum products, but know with such a high increase of approximately Rs26, the people will have to feel pain as already due to lockdown situation and coronavirus, the lay man, industries and the business community has suffered most in past four months,” World Peace Ambassador (WHO) said.

Saleem also said that despite the government orders earlier to start a crackdown against the hoarders or anyone found involved in creating artificial shortage of petrol, would be arrested and heavily penalized, but till to date nothing such happened and it seems that petrol mafia is much stronger than the government.

“It is the need of the hour that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority OGRA and Petroleum division must take stern action against the petrol mafia and its allied groups on immediate basis so as to get rid from this menace once for all,” Raffat Saleem added.





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