Declare Urdu as a ‘mandatory’ language in Pakistan, Raffat Saleem appeals to govt


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Karachi: Director International Human Rights and World Peace Ambassador (UNO) Raffat Saleem Qureshi has undertaken another big responsibility by joining Urdu Tehreek Pakistan as one of its leader.

Raffat while stressing light on the importance of language said that Urdu is regarded as our national language but unfortunately we are forgetting the spirit of this language with every passing day.

Whether it is our youth or children’s at school, they all are much distant from Urdu literature, its significance, history and values. It is the collective responsibility of all of us and our families to inculcate the importance of Urdu in our society including our homes.

Saleem had also appealed to the government for making Urdu as a mandatory language by bringing a unanimously passed bill from the Assembly where this language should be treated as the official language in every provinces without any discrimination.

Also, across the country the process of communication in all the offices and institutions should also go ahead by implementing Urdu language at every place, Raffat added.

Raffat also said that, educational institutions should also emphasize most on teaching Urdu language including other languages too. Urdu is the only language which enjoys the status of being the national language of Pakistan.

On the other hand, as a society, we need to create awareness and knowledge among the youth on the subject of the Urdu poetry, prose, contribution of poets, writers, intellectuals and authors.



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