K-Electric: Unannounced load shedding, power cuts and over billing irks Karachiites


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KARACHI: Director International Human Rights on World Information and World Peace Ambassador (UNO) Raffat Saleem Qureshi has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan to take immediate notice of the continuous load shedding by the power supply utility K-Electric in Karachi.

Raffat said that due to the unannounced load shedding by K-Electric, residents of Karachi including the members of the trade and business industry are annoyed and highly exasperated as the prolonged power cuts and exaggerated billing has now become the order of the day.

Moreover, Raffat also said that during the prevailing lockdown and hot weather conditions in the city,  K-Electric is dead busy in sending exorbitant billings and in many areas four to five times load shedding is witnessed in a day while at some places the duration of load shedding has been increased from 6 hours a day to 10 hours.

It must be mentioned here that the power supply company has linked this prolonged outages as a result of shortage of oil and fuel requirement.

Saleem while talking to the media said that many complaints have been received from the residents in Karachi where they said that if any person calls at official number of K-Electric to register their complaint regarding unannounced load shedding, the only reply which KE gives is that “our teams are working to restore the power supply.”

Social Worker Raffat Saleem Qureshi

World Peace Ambassador (UNO) Raffat Saleem also told this scribe that K-Electric is also not paying attention to the overbilling complaints of the residents in Karachi and ignoring since long.

Raffat also suggested both the federal and the provincial government to form few more power supply companies in Karachi apart from only K-Electric so that the distribution of the supply should go ahead smoothly.

“Under prevailing circumstances, when the entire country has been grasped with the coronavirus pandemic, this massive unannounced load shedding, over billing and power cuts would certainly make the residents irritated to such a higher extent that likely people might come on streets to protest severely,” Saleem added.






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