Pakistan the only country not confused over COVID-19: PM Imran Khan


Aneel Ahmed Usmani

CEO-Editor at The News Vision. An experienced Journalist both in Digital and Print Media. Working in the field of Journalism for more than a decade. Truth, Patience and Tolerance keys towards unending success.
Aneel Ahmed Usmani

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan during his speech in National Assembly yesterday fully defended his government’s stance on the coronavirus pandemic after hearing the massive criticisms from the opposition benches.

PM Khan also said that “It is repeatedly said that there was confusion in the government’s over responding to coronavirus. Mr Speaker, if there was any government in the world that wasn’t confused it was ours from the beginning.”

“From the day one, we are listening to uncountable criticisms and pressure with a view to impose a stricter lockdown. Even from my own people and cabinet to do something like India,” said the premier.

PM Khan also challenged the opposition parties to point out a single contradiction in his statements since the time when for the very first time the lockdown was imposed across the country on March 13.

“I have always held that if you have Singapore’s population, an income of $50,000 per capita, if you have natural social distancing, then the best thing is to impose a curfew,” PM said further

Moreover, “I had always given importance to the poor and all my statements have been consistent since day one,” premier said.

PM Imran also cited India’s example of a failed lockdown policy and told the members that this failure has been being highlighted globally including by New York Times.

Due to severe lockdown in India, 34% people have been pushed into poverty and the lives of the poor people is devastated. There are thousands on the road. Transport has been shut. People have died on the road,” PM said.

“We were the first to talk of a smart lockdown. It is the collective responsibility of all of us to make people realize how important is is to save our elders, the ill, those who have blood pressure and diabetes. The real aim behind a smart lockdown is to protect these people,” PM said.


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