PTI govt failed in curbing locust attacks: Bilawal Bhutto


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KARACHI: Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari lashed out at the ruling PTI government for not taking immediate precautionary measures to curb the attack of locust swarms in Sindh and other provinces across the country.

The attacks of locusts in different parts of the country and bringing huge destruction to the crops.

PPP chairman in his statement issued yesterday said that the PPP he had several times warned the government of the rising threat of locust attacks to the economy but the cabinet paid no attention to his words.

Subsequently, the country’s agriculture line is now facing a worst situation following to attacks from the side of locust. This on the other hand might play its role in declining the country’s economy, said Bilawal.

“PTI has failed to protect the growers and crops from the locust attacks and this unpardonable crime and negligence totally comes on part of Prime Minister Imran Khan and his cabinet”, Bilawal added.

Bilawal also said that our party had always raised this issue by stressing the need on the implementation of National Action plan to get rid of this locust threat.

The required number of planes were not hired to control the swarms heading towards the meadows from borders as it was the duty of the plant protection department of the federal government to take measures for destroying locusts at the entry points, Bilawal said further.



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