Big humiliation for India as Chinese troops takes over Ladakh’s territory


Aneel Ahmed Usmani

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Aneel Ahmed Usmani

KARACHI: A failed attempt of India to make rapid changes in the geographical boundaries of Ladakh’s area has turned the BJP-led Narendra Modi’s government in a state of shock and embarrassment.

Yes, this time, India’s desire to become the most influential state in the region gone vain as China’s befitting action of deploying 5000 Chinese Border Defence Regiment troops at Ladakh territory has left the entire civil and military Indian leadership in chaos.

Chinese soldiers have taken control of more than 3 km of the Ladakh’s territory and after declaring it as Chinese jurisdiction, they had also beaten Indian troops with iron rods and kicks during exchange of harsh words recently.

China accused Indian soldiers of trespassing the area which was under the control of China.

The ongoing conflict between China and India is escalating fast with every passing day as India has perceived that Chinese troops had entered into that line which was a part of India and what is called as a disputed territory.

It must be mentioned here that, the abrupt action of Chinese troops not only resulted in increasing the numbers of their soldiers on the border but it has also been reported that the Chinese military is also building underground bunkers and eight hundred Chinese army tents have been spotted around the Galwan Valley.

It is pertinent to mention here that according to China, India is illegally constructing defense-related structures near the Galwan Valley and reportedly, the Chinese army commandos apprehended a group of Indian army personnel who were released later, foreign media reports said.

China also revealed that India violated the Line of Control in the territories of Sikkim and Ladakh and had also tried to change the status of the disputed area without any consultation.

Reports also said that the ongoing rift between China and India surged on May 5, when Indian and Chinese troops skirmished on the eastern Ladakh border.

As per the reports by The Print on the actual Line of Control, it stated that “No maps have been exchanged in this area between India and China demarcating what is the LAC,” a source said.

“Whatever understanding that is there is between the two Army at local level.”



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