Hania Amir responds about her wedding plans

TNV Desk

Actress Hania Amir and singer Aima Baig, in a recent Instagram live session responded to a lot of questions from fans.

While addressing the questions Aima Bag brought up the most asked question, which was directed towards Hania Amir, asking about her wedding plans with singer Asim Azhar.

“So many people have been asking lately about when you and Asim Azhar will be getting married?” Baig asked Hania.

The actress did not looked appeased at the question but replied anyway. “I’m not getting married, we’re not getting married right now. I still have baby fat to lose, how can I get married right now?” Amir replied to fans.

Following Amir’s response, Baig added, “See, hear it for yourselves. She doesn’t want to, they don’t want to, we don’t want to, they’re kids right now. We’re kids! Stop asking the same question.”

It is clear from their response that both the stars are not ready to be tied down yet.




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