Armeena Khan, Shaniera Akram lash out at lockdown violators


Aimen Azhar

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Aimen Azhar

Film and TV actress Armeena Khan in a tweet called out those people in showbiz industry that are still working on shoots. “I’m seeing photoshoots happening. Is the lockdown over?” the actress asked sarcastically.

She continued, “Imagine taking part in a shoot or a photoshoot while people are dying around you. Some of us left shoots as to not endanger other people’s lives. You’re not special! The cases are climbing mark my words and each person you expose to the elements is on you!”

Social activist Shaniera Akram also voiced her thoughts about lockdown violations and advice people to stay at home.

“m hearing of people catching up with friends, many playing cricket on the street, kids at other kids houses, families walking with other families. We are getting frustrated and bored,I get it. But we are in the eye of the storm people, don’t be fooled!” she tweeted.


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