District Central: Chairman Naeem Uddin highly ‘sincere, alert’ in distributing rations to the needy
Naeem urges people to throw garbage at right place


Aneel Ahmed Usmani

CEO-Editor at The News Vision. An experienced Journalist both in Digital and Print Media. Working in the field of Journalism for more than a decade. Truth, Patience and Tolerance keys towards unending success.
Aneel Ahmed Usmani

KARACHI: MQM-P elected Chairman of North Nazimabad Town, District Central UC-21, Naeem Uddin has been consistently seen on the forefront in distributing rations to the needy people in his vicinity during the coronavirus pandemic.

While exclusively talking to ‘The News Vision’, Chairman UC-21 said that due to the rapid surge of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan and the continuing lockdown situation, the condition of the masses is appalling and the poor people are suffering most in this time.

“It is the primary responsibility of all the public representatives to remain vigilant in their respective localities under prevailing circumstances of COVID-19 and must ensure cleanliness in their jurisdictions in order to minimize the spread of this outbreak”, Naeem said further.

Moreover, Chairman District Central UC-21 also forwarded his grievances towards the area people for not doing their part of work with an intent in making sure that their surroundings are clean and free from garbage and adulterated substances.

Public in general hurls garbage bags directly into Nullahs. They really not bothers in throwing the litter and garbage at specific points and dumping stations as set by the local administration. Due to this common practice, sewerage lines get choked and entire drainage system becomes faulty along with dirty smell of the filth and wastage materials, Naeem Uddin added.

It can be rightly said here that in making entire Karachi clean and green, it is not just the responsibility of any individual UC Chairman or other concerned official to make it possible. In addition to this, residents should also need to change and reassess their behavior and attitude.


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