Hamza Ali Abbasi bashes people going to mosques despite lockdown


Maha Rais

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Maha Rais

Leading Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi in his tweet on Friday bashed all the people who are reluctant to follow coronavirus lockdown measures and are still going to mosques.

He elaborated on how Islam has given its followers leverage in certain circumstances, and stressed that praying in mosques is also exempted in some situations.

“Allah has given ease in his prayer from Tayyamum/Qasr/praying at home in case of bad weather, let alone a deadly virus. but it feels like the Clergy in my country is becoming like the Pharisees of Bani Isarel who want God to do what they say rather than surrender to what God says,” his tweet read.

His remarks received both positive and negative response from people on social media, giving rise to a detailed debate on the platform.

While some people lauded for him for his stance and for presenting the flexibility offered by the religion, some dwelled onto the same question of why only mosques are targeted amid this lockdown whereas other public places remain open.


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