Prime Minister launches Tele School Channel


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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday has launched Pakistan’s first educational Television channel “TeleSchool”.

Speaking at the launch he said that the channel will help impart education to children stuck at their homes due to the coronavirus pandemic. He also vowed that the government will use all resources to improve the ‘Tele School Channel.

While thanking the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Information on this important initiative he said that the tele school television channel was a productive opportunity for the parents and said the step would also help out the large number of children who had been dropped out of schools adding that the will benefit children living in far-flung areas.

The channel TeleSchool will be available on satellite, terrestrial and cable networks ensuring that 95 percent of Pakistan population is able to access the content.

The channel will broadcast carefully developed content for class 1 to 12 from 8am to 6pm every day.



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