ABAD praises PM Khan’s decision for huge tax relief but with ‘grievances’


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TNV Exclusive:

KARACHI: Prominent builder and senior member of Association of Builders and Developers of Pakistan (ABAD), Syed Altaf Hussain has pre-maturely thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for likely announcement 100 billion relief package for the construction industry in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

While praising the decision undertaken by the prime minister, Senior ABAD member said that last year from the platform of ABAD we had appealed to PM for giving the status of the industry to this association which has now been declared formally.

This decision is highly favorable for the businesses of the builders and for the growth and expansion of the construction industry in the long run.

Moreover, Altaf also said that the decision of the government to fix the tax regime for construction work of the builders through Federal Board of Revenue is also a good sign for the construction industry.

In addition to this, senior member of ABAD said that despite all such new measures taken by the government, many core issues of the builders are still unresolved which needs immediate attention of the prime minister.

The most important unsettled issues of ABAD are mentioned below:

  1. The prolonged ban of the construction work in Karachi.
  2. Ban on converted plots and their final settlement.
  3. Complicated process of loans from House Building Finance Corporation.
  4. New area for land in the outskirts of Karachi as population is increasing fast.
  5. Illegal construction and development work is one of the biggest hurdle which has not stopped yet.
  6. No easy access for getting lease for the construction land.
  7. NOC’s terms and conditions based on 18 towns in the city is highly complicated.
  8. It is very important that site maps should be passed within 45 days as it is not implemented yet.
  9. Lastly, land verification is also necessary to be done in the right way in order to differentiate between the legal and the illegal builder.

Altaf also added that due to the above mentioned unresolved issues, the construction industry is facing horrendous crisis and millions of rupees of the builders are stuck up since long including delay in many of the housing projects and schemes in Karachi.

While talking exclusively to ‘The News Vision’, Altaf said that when all the formalities, terms and conditions, essential requirements as prescribed by the government, FBR and Sindh Building Control Authority are fulfilled by the builders then in case of any untoward incident, genuine builders should neither be blamed for any unfortunate incident that happens anywhere nor be treated in the black list.

Due to unchecked illegal construction in the city, now frequently incidents are taking place where many innocent people lost their lives, Altaf said further.

Altaf Hussain said that as a result of prolonged ban on converted plots and construction work in Karachi, with every passing day, unemployment rate is increasing fast as builders are not in a position to pay wages / salaries to their staff.

Below is the link where ABAD has appealed to Prime Minister Imran Khan for giving the status of the industry to the construction sector:


Below is the link where ABAD has thanked Prime Minister Imran Khan for giving the status of the industry to the construction sector:



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