COVID-19: Sindh witnesses province-wide lockdown
Unnecessary travel not to be allowed at any cost: CM Sindh Murad


Aneel Ahmed Usmani

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Aneel Ahmed Usmani

KARACHI: The Sindh province has now been under a temporary  lockdown due to the increasing spate of coronavirus cases.

Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah announced yesterday that the decision to restrict the movement of people has been taken for the health and life safety of the people.

“Unnecessary travel of people at any place would not be permissible at any cost”, Murad said.

Moreover, CM Sindh also said that in case of any emergency, if citizens needed to go to the hospital, then only three persons would be allowed to travel in a car.

It must be mentioned here that as per the notice issued by the home department of Sindh government pertaining to the provincial lockdown it states that:

“There shall be a complete ban on movement of people including Intercity or Interprovincial travel or gatherings of any kind for social, religious, or any other purpose at any place, public or private, including all offices, public or private situated within the territorial limits of province of Sindh,” the notification read.

In addition to this, the Sindh government has also requested the federal government for the deployment of military personnel in the province.

Subsequent to the message of CM Sindh, the metropolitan police became active in various parts of the city and started patrolling the streets to announce the government’s decision and to urge citizens not to come out of their homes.

“Anyone who comes out of their houses in any case, must carry their computerised national identity card (CNIC) card with them”, Murad said further.

Furthermore, provincial chief minister also said that he had taken on board all utilities supply corporations to refrain from any loadshedding throughout the province.

CM Sindh also stated that a new social media page of Facebook and Twitter will be set up for sharing all the important details about who will be allowed to step out, who won’t be and who will be allowed to do so in certain situations.

CM Sindh Murad had urged the people of Sindh to support the government’s decision and cooperate with the law enforcement agencies in this time of catastrophe.

It is pertinent to mention here that in Sindh the reported incidents of coronavirus patients are highest throughout Pakistan upto 292 so the authorities are much concerned about citizens safety and not want to put lives of the people at jeopardy in any case.


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