Federal govt postpones all exams till June 1 among coronavirus outbreak


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ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Education Shafqat Mahmood on Wednesday announced that all exams have been postponed till June 1 in light of coronavirus outbreak and to ensure the safety of all children.

While addressing a press conference, he said that examinations of Cambridge, University of London or any other institutions will not be held before the aforementioned date.

He said, “The board exams are likely to be scheduled between June 1 to July 15 and university admissions have also been delayed as a result. The universities have evacuated their hostels upon the government’s advice and only foreign students have been allowed to stay. No teachers are required to come to the educational institutions either.”

“The government will acquire two to three channels from the Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) to give lectures to students. A committee has been formed in this regard. The decision to close educational institutions till April 5 has been implemented and further steps will be taken after analyzing the situation. Consultations will be held with all provincial education ministers on March 27. All cultural programs have also been cancelled,” he added.

Earlier today, the health minister had tweeted, “Let me reiterate that the decision to postpone ALL exams up till June 1 has been taken because the safety of our children is of paramount importance to PM Imran Khan and our government. We will continue to review the situation and take necessary decisions to protect our children.”


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