COVID-19: Why only schools and stadium closed in Sindh province?
Is Coronavirus a threat for educational institutes only ?


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Potential threat COVID-19 in Sindh province. Are we heading in the right direction? Government of Sindh must answer few questions:

Is the Sindh government has taken right decision to minimize the potential threat of Coronavirus in the province by closing down all the educational institutions upto May 30 and banning the entry of the spectators in the stadium during the ongoing Pakistan Super League (PSL) matches in Karachi ?

The Sindh government appears to be just following the footsteps of the western world.

Many questions arisen after this decision of the Sindh government as people are asking that the potential threat of COVID-19 is only for the schools, colleges and universities only or other much needed places where this virus threat is many times more in comparison to that of the educational institutions and playground.

The another important questions that came up following to the decision of the Sindh government is:

Why the food streets, restaurants and hotels have not been closed due to this COVID-19 threat where people are more likely to be exposed as compare to the people going to the stadiums and the children going to their schools.

Well, due to the closure of schools, congestion has been seen multiplied at various places including the food streets, restaurants and hotels of the city.

Sindh government has also not imposed any ban at the Clifton and Hawks Bay beaches in Karachi where people due to holidays are visiting frequently in much bigger numbers.

Moreover, not a single playland, cinema houses and amusement parks have been closed where this potential COVID-19 threat is much bigger.

Meanwhile, the Pesh Imam of of Masjid e Ibrahim located in North Nazimabad area Block A in Karachi and other religious scholars have strongly criticized the decision of both the federal and Sindh government of closing the educational institutions and termed it as losing their faith in Almighty Allah.

They said that it is Almighty Allah who makes a person sick or heal him, without the consent of Allah, no disease can attack any single human.

Religious scholars further said that instead of taking such silly decision, better was to start holding prayers to get Allah’s mercy during this hard time.


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