Women’s Day 2020: All About ‘Women Empowerment’

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Mehak Shahid

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Mehak Shahid

Women Empowerment gives freedom of choices, rights to the women in every aspect. As we all know that half of the world population is women and by restricting them we are doing no good to the economy as well as to the nation.

Why Women Empowerment is needed: It is the utmost requirement of the current world to provide same rights to the women as men. In today’s world,women are facing discrimination because of their gender. People look down upon women as they are in any way less and they can’t perform other activities than house chores.

Women through out the world deserve equal rights. By empowering women we are giving confidence to them that they can perform well in any of the field.

How Empowerment helps Women: Even after entering the digital era we still lack in some of the major areas like women education,health and basic rights. Empowerment surely helps women to raise their voices against physical,mental and emotional abuse. There are women who can not still raise their voices for their rights which are given to them by birth just like every other individual.

Till date there are thousands of cases related to domestic violence, honor killing, early marriages, divorce, harassment and abuses which are increasing day by day. Our society should accept the importance of women and should not be biased towards them.

Misconception about Empowerment: It is a common belief that topics like equal rights are nothing but foreign campaigns to misguide women.

This is totally wrong to say or to even think because our religion gives proper equal rights to women in terms of education,opinion and even in selection of spouse. This is the society which burdens women with all the toxicity which makes them to think that they are weak.

Significance of Women Empowerment: These days women are working in every field, setting examples and making this society to prosper and grow. This is just because of the empowerment and giving them confidence.

There are many prominent organization and people working on empowering women worldwide. It is really important to empower women for becoming a successful nation.

Effective Concept: Empowerment of women is an effective concept which refrain us from degrading women but to provide non judgmental environment and let our women fly.

It is the high time to unite and work together for the betterment of this society. For creating this world an amazing place for everyone to live peacefully every single day.


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