Veena Malik sides with Khalilur Rehman, body shames Marvi


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Amid the heated debate that followed writer Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s misogynistic and questionable remarks on national television, former celebrity Veena Malik has come out to side with the writer, body shaming Marvi Sarmad in the process.

Taking to Twitter, Malik wrote, “Jo log shor macha rahay hain ke Khalil Sahab ne aurat ki tazheek kardi, wo zara ghor se Marvi Sirmed ko dekhiye. Kya inhe aurat or gainday men koi faraq nazar nahi aata? Acha sorry. (The people who are making noise about Khalil sahib having demeaned a woman, kindly look at Marvi Sirmed. Can they not see the difference between a rhino and a woman? Okay, sorry.)”

Even though she apologized later for her initial tweet, Malik went on to lash out on people who came out in support of Sarmad, saying in another tweet, “Saaray beghairat, behaya aurat ke haq men nikal aaey (all the shameless people are out to defend a shameless woman).”

It is pertinent here to note that Malik did not call out Sarmad on her stance or on her interruption during the conversation, instead, she body shamed her and addressed her in a demeaning manner.

In response to this, actor Armeena Rana Khan called out Malik in her tweet, writing, “Imagine being out of shape yourself and then body shaming someone else. #hypocrisy.”

Nevertheless, a majority of celebrities, social activists, and the general public have condemned Qamar’s chauvinistic and abusive demeanor, and a petition to boycott the writer is being signed by many.


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