Google reveals YouTube revenue for the first time


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CFO of Alphabet and Google, Ruth Porat on Monday revealed the revenue generated by YouTube for the first time, disclosing that YouTube generated $15.1 billion in ad revenue in fiscal 2019.

In a statement, Porat said, “To provide further insight into our business and the opportunities ahead, we’re now disclosing our revenue on a more granular basis, including for Search, YouTube ads and Cloud.”

Through years, YouTube has seen a substantial rise in its ad revenue. According to the newly released numbers, YouTube generated $8.15 billion in ad revenue in fiscal 2017 and $11.15 billion in fiscal 2018.

This shows that YouTube ad revenue went up 36% since last year and 86% since 2017.

The ad-supported video site was founded in 2005, and was sold to Google a year later. It is regarded as one of the most powerful advertising business of Google.


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