Giving time to parents is ‘Need of the hour’ now

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Sehrish Khan

Sehrish Khan, working as a digital content writer at 'The News Vision'. She is a media sciences student and working as a content writer for last five years.
Sehrish Khan

During conservation or discussion with the people, the strongest relationships in the universe are between the parents and their children which is portrayed as the purest connection in the world, without equivalent to any other attachment.

“Whatever you will sow you shall reap.” Parents are a significant and dominating figure in our society. Now in the 21st century, the utmost complains recorded is of parents that the children are no longer close to them rather, they are emotionally abused and experience communication gap.

The responsibility of being a defaulter lies over the parents, to push their off-springs at that stage where they no longer care, which was due to the provision of gadgets than sparing time and giving importance to their guardians.

The fact for the excessively developing gap between these two generations is always the reaction for every action. Many of the children are grown-up in a neglected environment where both the parents are working. Child eager’s to spend time with parents but unfortunately, parents are keenly busy in their own demon races of success without overlooking the changes through which the child is going in the development days.

In childhood and teenage what children need are their parents, for guidance, listening to their tantrums, pampering them, motivating them but many parents are exactly opposite by being possessive, obsessive, desire imposter and being a stick to make them toddlers obedient.

Due to these circumstances, children way their paths with the parents and in these exceptional cases, these parents raise introvert children. Parents should understand children’s needs time, not money or gadgets, if not then later, only left with regret.

More than your words children follow your actions, so always set the premium examples which you want your children to pursue afterward.

In early teenage life, children will start hiding little things and giving more time to their interests. With the hit of maturity, career-oriented children are mostly involved in not sparing time for their older parents.

“As history repeats itself” so do the child does exactly the same by neglecting the parents. There are busy with their work even they don’t bother to share their day or success with the parents by creating their perspective that it is no worth telling it to them.

Leading the rest the most important reason for not giving time to parents is feeling ashamed of them in friends, family or official gathering due to their old traditions and rituals.

Children are not closed to parents now, especially to their fathers, in every household father is the working partner who has the responsibility of earning and bearing all the expenses of the entire family until his son is capable of earning.

Due to prolong working hours of the father, they are exhausted and what they finally need is the moment of peace and relaxation. Fathers are unable to spend the quality time with kids, only in rare cases, they are sharing the bond but not as close to mothers.

Parents need more in their old age is the quality time with their offspring from their busy and hectic schedules. Instead of avoiding them just be by their side, listen to them, their problems, spend time with time at home or outside, discuss matters and seek their advice and just make them feel special.

Every time it’s not possible especially for the married children, but do try to pardon time for these older people, rather take your work at their place, use gadgets in front of them and teach them as well, this will directly impact their change of attitude.

What the need most is the presence of the apple of their eyes in front of them without the greed of expensive gifts or killing time in front of the television screens.


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