‘Digital Pakistan’, a reality in action

Pic Credit: Global Space Village

Syed Atif Ali

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Syed Atif Ali

The current leadership of the incumbent government is taking many initiatives to convey a positive image of Pakistan in the world by introducing many reforms.

One of the latest reforms undertaken by the Prime Minister Imran Khan is the “Digital Pakistan” initiative where technology will be introduced to be used for the people and for the public welfare.

While addressing the inauguration ceremony in Islamabad, PM Khan also viewed that this new digital campaign is going to unleash more potential for the youth in the country.

“Through the implementation of the E-governance, eradication of the corruption and its roots will be seen by all,” PM Khan believed.

Well, important is to note that for giving a boost to this initiative the government has hired the services of a Pakistani working as a senior executive at Google named Tania Aidrus.

Now, the lady after leaving behind the lavish employment at Google, has finally arrived in Pakistan to head the initiative with her absolute magnificent skills.

It could be right saying here that, the PM’s vision of turning Pakistan into a digital state would prove fruitful for the economy and the future of youth of our country.



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