Presence of Human Rights in the Absence of Humanity

Pic Credit: ARY News

Aneel Ahmed Usmani

CEO-Editor at The News Vision. An experienced Journalist both in Digital and Print Media. Working in the field of Journalism for more than a decade. Truth, Patience and Tolerance keys towards unending success.
Aneel Ahmed Usmani

Yesterday, marks the International Human Rights Day 2019 which was being observed worldwide amid chanting slogans, protests, grumbles and dreadful stories unearthing the barbarism and persecution that people face on routine basis in different parts of the world.

Whether it is Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan or any other parts of the world. Innocent people are witnessing a continuing spate of violence, discrimination, oppression, mass execution, maltreatment and abhorrence from the side of extremists and all those who really not cares about peace, stability and in the long run about humanity.

The humans at many places in the world have been dejected, disrespected and expunged out from all walks of life whether in the name of religion, ethnicity, cast, culture or language.

The biggest example in front of us is that of Occupied Kashmir where the Muslims have been facing the worst form of Indian terrorism and brutality since decades. What happened with the people of Rohingya community is also known to the world, what is being happened with the people in Palestine in also not hidden.

On the other side, irrespective of any particular religion or cast, I opine that we need to have strong and sincere feelings about humanity. No one is allowed to snatch the basic rights of any citizen or his freedom. Cross cultural harmony is the need of the hour today at every place.

It is the religion Islam which has given the lesson of the humanity to preach. Islam values all basic human rights, it allows everyone to respect each other’s faith and protect the entire society from all kinds of injustices and inequalities.

Regrettably, stated that uncountable laws, resolutions and regulations are present all around that talks about the protection of Human Rights at its best but despite knowing this, its ideal implementation seems nowhere and the international organizations has turned a deaf ear to this subject.

It could be rightly said here that massive degree of Human laws, Rights and Humans are present everywhere in the world but it seems that humanity has taken its last breath. .


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