Twitterati Views: Anti Corruption Day being observed globally

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TNV Exclusive

An International Anti-Corruption Day being observed throughout the world on Monday 9th December, 2019.

Corruption destabilizes economy, demoralizes people living in different parts of the world, brings huge defamation to the reputation of the countries and its people and last but not the least it plays a vital role tremendously bringing disaster to the lives of the youth and others.

This menace is a serious threat that comes in way of growth and development of any country. Anti-corruption bodies and the government needs to be highly cautious in this regard.

No society can thrive unless the corruption is eliminated from the grass root level and at every place.

As a society, it is the primary responsibility of all of us to take all rational steps that are needed for complete eradication of the corrupts, immoral and the corruption.

Pakistan is also witnessing this browbeat since decades which has largely weakened our economy.

Netizens on social media has also raised their voices in tackling this long-lasting risk that comes in way of any country’s stability.

The Government of Punjab, Pakistan is also launching a newly developed app where citizens would be free to register their grievances and complaints regarding corruption in any form.


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