Int’l Disability Day: Come forward and motivate the disabled ones


TNV Exclusive

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TNV Exclusive

One should be thankful to Almighty Allah thousand times who is fit in health in all aspects. But on the other side, the differently able section existing in our society should not be overlooked.

Uncountable children, men and women are suffering from various disabilities all over the world with many diseases that are either curable or some have no cure at all. The pain, stress and the agony of those people and their families are beyond ones imagination as they lacks many such skills that others possess.

As a nation and being human, it is the primary responsibility of all of us to treat differently able people with sheer respect and give courage to them that despite suffering from such disability, they can still convert their dreams into reality.

We need to give a place to such people in our routine coarse of life and should refrain from demoralizing or neglecting this element of our society. Our motivational talks, appreciating words can change their lives from the darker side into a highly positive world.

On the other hand, government, NGO’s and the entire world community should help and train such people in the best way so that they could also achieve the goals of their life and get a chance to rise and develop within their boundaries so that they should not consider themselves as deprived and disregarded people in the society.


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