A Century Crossed, Modi’s Brutalities not stopped


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TNV Exclusive

A century of Indian aggression, violence and continuing brutalities have crossed in the Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir (IoJK) as the valley lock-down has entered into its 115th day.

The BJP led Narendra Modi government, working on the footsteps of the fascist RSS ideology has now turned into a deaf ear even towards the world over this issue. On the other hand the global powers also seems to be reluctant to some extent in resolving this issue.

Innocent Kashmiris are facing worst form of Indian terrorism following to the India’s illegal action in the month of August related to the stripping of IoK from its special status.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is also a RSS stalwart has given full freedom to Indian forces to go to any extent in the Occupied valley. His ideology is same as that of the racist and fascist RSS which says that ‘India is only for Hindus.’

The United Nation and many other super powers of the world have addressed this issue and highlighted at all forums but all gone vain. Indian government is busy in doing all that what they thinks is right, irrespective of the fact that they are moving towards a totally disgruntled and horrible path which is a bitter truth as well.

As a result of Indian torture and mass murder, thousands of Kashmiris have lost their valuable lives, many of them were made homeless, uncountable women’s were raped and abused, a huge number of people got blinded by gun shots and last but not the least, the communication, food and medical supplies are still at halt.

But despite all such brutalities, hats off to the people of the Indian Occupied Kashmir as they are still standing firm with full courage, confidence and their intact stance to get the right for the self-determination and complete freedom from the cruelty, barbarism and oppression of the Indian forces.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had also slammed the international community several times for being silent over the Indian atrocities in Occupied Kashmir and had given a clear message to the Indian government that Pakistan will be standing with the innocent Kashmiris until they get freedom from Indian tyranny.

Well, Modi government should have to realize the fact that after such a huge spate of injustices, human rights violations and killings, there now exists no place for India in the heart and mind of the innocent and underprivileged Kashmiri people.

This is the reality, whether accept or reject but truth shall not fade.



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