Govt will now create a pool of jobs as economy ‘stabilized’: PM Imran Khan


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Prime Minister Imran Khan today said the country’s economy has now stabilized and now the next step of the government is to create a pool of jobs for our youth.

Addressing at the agreement signing ceremony between a Chinese tyre manufacturing company and the government PM Khan said that .

The prime minister also apprised the audience that with the passage of time the rupee’s value has increased against the dollar in the last three months.

Moreover, the level of exports are also witnessing satisfactory progress, PM Khan added.

Appreciating the efforts of his economic team, PM Imran Khan also said that it is expected that from now onward the country will smoothly progress and prosper on the path of economic development.

“The IMF, World Bank and ADB have also endorsed the Pakistan’s better economic performance,” Khan said further.

During the agreement signing ceremony with the tyre manufacturers, PM khan said that we will now manufacture all tyres in Pakistan that will close all the doors for smuggling and by this the exports of our country will drastically increase.

It must be mentioned here that under the agreement the tyre manufacturing company will set up a production plant in Pakistan.



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