Ziauddin University holds 2nd National Symposium on ‘Medical Physics’


Aneel Ahmed Usmani

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Aneel Ahmed Usmani

Karachi: “Youth are assets to this society as they have vast knowledge, creativity and ever increasing intellectual level in comparison with the common people because you can think in a much better way,” said Dr Asim Hussain during a Symposium at Ziauddin University.

Addressing the audience at the “2nd Annual National Symposium on International Day of Medical Physics” held at the varsity, Dr Asim said that “Thinking about the study of physics takes you back to centuries and you realizes that the concept of energy came from Egyptian history.

“It is a science of energy and matter,” he said further.

Referring to the youth of the country, Dr Asim also said that “Our collective struggle and efforts would make this country developed to a higher standard and with the optimum level of quality performance at every level from top to bottom.”

“Our ancestors had given innumerable sacrifices for achieving this homeland and now it is our primary responsibility to build this country stronger and prosperous than before,” Dr Asim added.

Chancellor Ziauddin University said that in the present scenario “Fundamentalism has grasped the country with its full force so we all need to be cautious and rational  in making decisions and creating a better thinking”, he added.

During the event, Shahbaz Ahmed Chugtai, Karmanos Cancer Institute, USA, said that main objective of this talk is to present the continuing professional development and higher education opportunities for Pakistani medical physics professionals.

During the talk about Cancer Challenges for Medical Physics, Rahim Gohar, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi Kenya, stated that medical physics is very versatile and dynamic in nature. Any medical equipment used in any modern hospital like X–Ray machine, CT Scan, MRI, PET, CT, etc, are the inventions of physicist modalities.



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