Viral video: Rabi Pirzada’s Controversy


Syed Atif Ali

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Syed Atif Ali

Rabi Pirzada has been in the limelight for quite sometime now. She was one of my personal favorites and back in the days I used to listen to some of her songs. She vanished for quite some time but appeared again as a social media sensation and as a singer. She appeared and became more of an activist against the Indian Army and Narender Modi and was struggling for the Kashmiris.

But she got even more attention when an unknown source started to leak her nude and inappropriate images and videos on different adult websites and social media platforms.

This created a lot of trouble not only for the star but almost everything that she stood for. People started bashing her, the Meme Brigade made a lot of memes on her and finally the star left the glamorous world of showbiz for good.

She claimed that the mobile phone technician she wanted to have her phone repaired with was the one who leaked her videos, some people said that her boyfriend leaked her videos, some people connect this with the Publicity Stunt habits of celebrities and many other theories came forward.

But this incident leaves us with several questions? Are we safe when we use our phones as a normal cell phone user? Is our data safe even if we format our flash drives or memory cards?

Keeping this in mind we have to make sure about the following:

1. Are we uploading our photos or videos on a secured channel or app?

2. Is the individual or platform credible enough to share such stuff with

3. If the technician you are getting your phone repaired from is reliable enough or has a data privacy/confidentiality policy

All of these factors and more are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

Well, on the other side whatever happened with Rabi Pirzada, I personally thinks that one should try not to propagate and share such things which are related to anyone’s personal life. Not endorsing at all what she did was right, but people sharing her content at uncountable places is unethical and incorrect.

I pray that she may move forward on the right track from now and may Allah forgive her sins.


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