Sami slapped with a fine of 5mln for concealing properties with India’s central bank


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A well known traitor turned Indian singer Adnan Sami has been slapped with a hefty amount of fine by the Indian government for buying properties in Mumbai in the year 2003, Indian media reported.

A fine of INR5 million has been imposed on the singer for purchasing the property in India during 2003, time when he was holding a Pakistani nationality.

In the light of the report published by the Indian daily ‘The Hindu’, the 46-year-old had purchased eight flats and five parking lots in Mumbai in 2003 under the capacity of Pakistani national and without even disclosing this with the Reserve Bank of India.

Indian media reported that earlier the fine had been INR 2million but it increased subsequent to the rejection of Enforcement Directorate Special Director’s December 2010 order by the Tribunal over the seizure of singer’s property.

It must be mentioned here that Sami has been given a three-month deadline to pay the penalty, out of which he has already paid INR1 million.

The singer had paid a sum of INR 20.5 million for the flats at first and had later transferred five of the eight flats to his now divorced wife Sabah Galadari.

Well, Sami stated in response to this that he has no idea of the law that Pakistani nationals cannot acquire immovable property across the border.


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