Grades or Knowledge, what is most important?

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Syeda Hoor Shumail

Hoor Shumail, is working as Digital Content Writer at The News Vision. She acquires great passion towards producing quality content. Also manages few tasks of social media as well.
Syeda Hoor Shumail

Grades are one of the concrete and particular things society used to judge what you are likely to accomplish in the future.

Although it is really significant to have good grades in your life as it boosts your confidence level,  opens the door for good colleges and universities,  leads to more scholarships facility , leads to get more chances of job as employers  do concern about grades,  and it also influences life time earnings. But despite the fact, we all know that knowledge is power and that is what students fail to understand.

Students have immense pressure to get good grades rather than having strong knowledge about the relevant subject. We are living in a competitive edge where everyone is trying to fastened their belts to fly in sky but unfortunately what legging behind is knowledge and learning.

Whatever the reasons are whether to get a best college, parental pressure, scholarships or any other reason. Every student is misguided that without good grades they cannot achieve their desired goals.

In this competition a few students endeavor to use some wrong means in examinations. According to Neil de Grasse Tyson “When students cheat on exams, it’s because our school system values grades more than student’s value learning,”

Have you ever thought about the successful people of the world? Have you ever checked their grades or mark sheets statistics? No? So why not? Because it is rightly said that “Actions speak louder than the words” which is hundred percent true and proven statement.

We at the final stage forget the percentages and grades and focus on what the person has actually discovered or invented. We have several examples in today’s era like Mark Zukerburg; A social media application inventor (facebook),  Einstein a renowned scientist who himself declared his school life, Bill Gates, A Microsoft developer and also  one of the richest person of the world who says that he never topped the university but toppers of different universities work under him.

Considering the learning skills which now become pretty difficult to grab because of student teacher gap. Hardly some students exactly learn and understand what the teacher is delivering to him/her otherwise, after accomplishment of the class or semester pupils are vague about what they have studied earlier.

School and college is about learning and the source of proceeding to the dreams of a child but unfortunately it has now hidden somewhere and eighteen years of a child are wasted in chasing the grades rather than focusing on their goals and dreams.

So giving up your dreams is something you push yourself in a dark well, let your dreams come true along with your positive grade system as both can go hand in hand.


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