The Fate of Pakistan’s Film Industry


Syed Atif Ali

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Syed Atif Ali

The Pakistani movie industry has developed over the past 10 years. Let’s rewind our clocks a few years back where the Pakistan Movie Industry had no stories, no scripts and above all, no quality picture or sound.

Also, there were no proper cinemas, mainstream cast, and stories that used to twist and turn and were shown to the people. Even then, Pakistani actors and actresses, singers have made their mark in the hearts of the fans both within and beyond borders. 

In the current era, technology has blessed us with more movies, more talented individuals. This is witnessed back in 2003 where young filmmakers residing in Karachi started to experiment with film. They started to release some low budget movies and demonstrated their potential to give out high-quality content even with limited resources.

Moving further in the year 2011, Pakistani cinema experienced a revival with Shoaib Mansoor’s blockbuster hit named ‘Bol’. In the year 2013, another Pakistani movie called ‘Zinda Bhaag’ that made its way to the Oscars and so forth.

This gradual change in the Pakistani Film Industry gave a new revival in the industry with movies that were not about Gujjar or Violence or the Daaku culture anymore.

Now there some excellent movies which talk about genuine issues like terrorism, fascism, technology, healthy humor and other ingredients that make people laugh rather than making them feel embarrassed in front of their families. Recently, Pakistan got its first superhero movie called Project ‘Ghazi’. 

Apart from that, the Pakistani Film Industry has something for the kids too. Some iconic and exceptional people in the industry like Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy, Bilal Lashari, Talisman Studios and many other talented individuals created animated movies like Teen Bahadur, Legend Of Markhor, Donkey Raja and many other animated movies. This adds to the many successful movies that are created by the movie industry. 

All in all, after a drastic downfall of the Pakistani Movie Industry, the people of Pakistan and the people who are related to the industry have witnessed the change. This has been a spearhead of creating a positive image of Pakistan and a competitive edge to Pakistani actors and other people associated with the industry.

Last but not the least, our country has incredible talented people who possess immense acting skills and multi-faceted persona.



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