Driver of Mureed Abbas’s alleged murderer Atif Zaman attempts suicide


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KARACHI: Journalist and TV anchor of Bol media group Mureed Abbas’s alleged murderer Atif Zaman’s driver attempted to take his own life by suicide attempt, SSP South Sheraz Nazir informed.

Police official revealed this during a presser at SP Clifton office. Nazir said that the driver attempted suicide because of the continuous series of interrogation by the police.

In responds to a question from media person, SP said that Atif Zaman’s driver lived in Karachi’s District East and hence if any case is to be registered then it will be lodged in his area only.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has also been informed of all the relevant details regarding the case of Mureed’s murder, police official added.

The prime suspect Atif Zaman who murdered Mureed Abbas on 9 July had also given his confessional statement after killing him.



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