Need To Change The ‘Obsolete’ Syllabus


Syed Atif Ali

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Syed Atif Ali

There was a lot of rant about the Pakistani education system by different celebrities, social media activists and many social reformers. Many notable celebrities including Waqar Zaka, Junaid Akram, Azad Chaiwala and many other people have been laying so much stress on this issue.

As a citizen and someone who is associated with the field of education and giving out different training on different levels of corporate and education, I feel that this issue is one of the most genuine issues responsible for the social, moral, educational and psychological complexities that we have today.

Imagine yourself standing amidst people from around the world who are working on digital currencies, blockchain, smartphones, IoT, 5G, smart cars and many other modern-day wonders, the student in a Pakistani school is still taught what a floppy drive is, GWBasic and many other programs that are not functional anymore.

We are caging our students in a shell where they can only think about getting a decent job in a bank or an IT company that can get them the basic needs and they can live happily ever after.

What we don’t understand is that we are not creating entrepreneurs we are creating a human fuel that is enough to turn the wheel of this whole institutional disaster that has been created using the education which is not teaching them anything constructive.

An obsolete syllabus will create an obsolete asset that will be easily outnumbered by the people who have the necessary skills and knowledge. This is the responsibility of the State of Pakistan to look into this matter and realize the horrors of not upgrading the school curriculum and to introduce educational reforms throughout the nation and make changes to the education system of our country


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