‘Will not apologize, I beg you, please ban me,’ Kangana tells journalist


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Bollywood well-known actress Kangana Ranaut who recently had a verbal spat with a journalist during a launch event for her upcoming film ‘JudgeMentall Hai Kya’ said on social media that she will not apologize in any case.

Kangana in response to her ban imposed by the journalist community, came on her sister’s official twitter handle and posted two-part video message in what she said:

 “Today, I want to talk about the Indian media and there are many such journalist who contributed a lot in my successful career in the industry. Everywhere there are good people as well as bad people. The media often inspired me, I have found extremely good friends and guide in the media and I am grateful to them.”

“I am talking about the media gentlemen who spread false rumors and attack the country’s integrity as well as its unity. They pass unpatriotic comments, use filthy language, how they call themselves to be a journalist ? she asked is their any criteria to be called as journalist ?”

Actress added that “such media persons just comes in the presser for eating free food.”

Kangana ended the video stating that these journalists have been threatening to ban her and destroy her career but she has a zero-tolerance for anti-national people who mock her patriotic film.

She added that she will not back down no matter what.

It must be mentioned here that Kangana had a hot exchange of words with a journalist where she had accused him of running a smear campaign against her while the journalist had tried to ask her a question.

Following to which, the journalist community demanded the actress to apologize and threatened to ban her.


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