Sheesha Smoking Injurious to Health


Syed Atif Ali

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Syed Atif Ali

Sheesha or Hookah is often misunderstood as a healthier alternative to cigarettes. This is primarily because of the sweet smell and taste of tobacco and the social aspect. It leads to hookah smoking that is consumed occasionally.

There’s no such thing as one of the healthy smoking option and hookah smoking that can be as dangerous as smoking a cigarette or multiple cigarettes. So what makes hookah something dangerous for your health?

The Toxins Used in Hookah:

This is one of the common misconceptions that using hookah or Sheesha removes nicotine and other toxins.  

On the other hand, water-cooled smoke is less harsh on the tissues of your lungs. The toxicity of the smoke remains constant. This means that the chemicals that cause cancer are present in hookah tobacco.

They do not get filtered out in the process. There are some lethal chemicals that are present in traditional cigarettes and cigarette smoke. These include acetaldehyde, cadmium, carbon monoxide, tar, arsenic, chromium, polonium 210, which is one of the radioactive isotopes, cobalt, nickel, formaldehyde, acrolein, lead and many other harmful substances.

What Are The Possible Diseases Caused By Sheesha:

People who smoke Sheesha are at a very high risk of getting the same level of diseases and ailments that cigarette smokers come across: These include diseases like esophageal cancer, oral cancer and many other diseases. Smoking sheesha also declines the function of your lungs and your heart as well. It also has a negative effect on fertility. 

The tobacco used in Sheesha or Hooka is addictive and it is quite hazardous as well. A session of Sheesha exposes not just the person who consumes it but also the people who are in the social gathering as well. A one-hour session of Sheesha exposes the smokers to nicotine and toxin levels that they might consume in the entire day or more of smoking cigarettes. 

Hookah tobacco is addictive and every bit as hazardous to a smoker’s health as traditional cigarettes. A one-hour session of hookah smoking can expose smokers to as much nicotine and toxins as they would get from an entire day or more of cigarette smoking. It also increases the risk of cardiac arrest and blood pressure and many other diseases


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