PMDC on way to damage college inspections
Members unwilling for educational reforms


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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) which consistently remains in controversies and irrational decision making now faces another back lash when the newly appointed council members had gone into a prolonged heated argument recently. The conflict between the members of PMDC took place in the Council meeting headed by Vice-President Dr Amer Zaman Khan where the subject matter was inspection of medical and dental colleges.

Members were of the view that the due legal process for conducting the inspection was completely neglected. Moreover, the financial implications were also not considered prior to the finalization of the schedule.

It is pertinent to mention here that PMDC has decided to postpone the scheduled inspections of around 50 colleges as the members of the council believes that the due legal process for conducting inspection was set aside making the team of inspectors illegal.

On the other hand, members also argued that the significant financial implications that needs to be decided prior to the finalizing of the schedule was also not implemented that will cause immense problems during the time of audit.

It must be mentioned here that such hue and cry from bottom to top level in PMDC is being made just because the government has decided to fairly inspect medical and teaching institutions through an independent team for the very first time.

Moreover, the council members also argued that how come the process of inspection started without getting all the inspectors duly approved by the council. Getting approval for inspection is a mandatory requirement under the law.

Meanwhile, President Arif Alvi through an ordinance has now constituted a new council for the PMDC and tasked it to handle all the issues with intent to inspect all public and private medical and dental colleges to assess them as per new standards of the council.

It can be rightly said that as the majority of the colleges in our county had not been inspected by the council for years after their establishment, due to which there are excessive flaws in its working and the condition of the many of them are devastating in many aspects

This also needs to be highlighted that there exists 167 approved medical and dental colleges in the country while another 12 have applied for registration with the PMDC.


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