Ethical Training of Children Need Of The Hour


The world today has changed in a drastic way in a number of ways. But one of the biggest changes that are responsible for all the other changes in our society is the change in our moral and social values. This is due to the absence of ethics in our lives.

Mankind has successfully created the technology and machines that can walk and talk like human beings and mingle with humans, but we have failed to cultivate humanity and the love for mankind in our current generations. We live in a society where we have smartphones, smart homes other smart devices but we all lack emotions.

One of the biggest reasons for this is that we have not given enough attention to train our kids at schools, colleges and on other levels to help create an environment that is ethically strong.

All we teach them is calculations, numbers, forecasting, sciences, but what about their upbringing as humans? Do we live in a society that comprises of machines that take each and every step based on calculations? We don’t, right? The educational system that is applied all around the world is best known to create the best business personnel, best entrepreneurs, best scientists, best engineers and the best of everything but not the best of humans.

This is a very harsh truth that we as humans should accept before it is too late. We want our society to be equal. Yet we discourage diversity. Look where it leads us to. Blacks are always in conflict with the Whites, the Haves always look down upon the Have-nots, the rich always try to enslave the unprivileged.

If this trend prevails in the society for long, there will be no future for us to look forward to.

So in my opinion, it is always necessary to make sure that we work things out and create an education system where we can teach our kids in disciplines related to ethics, morals, values and many other dynamics on which a human society is built.

This is not only going to make them a valued citizen in the society but also an asset that can help create opportunities for the betterment of the world and humanity itself.


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