PM Khan clues at extending deadline of assets declaration scheme


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ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan late yesterday hinted to give some more days to the public by extending the deadline of the assets declaration scheme.

“People believe that their tax payments would go in vain, which is why his government was making all possible efforts to help the public realize that their money would only be spent on them in the right way,” Khan said this while talking to the national TV.

It must be mentioned here that at present, the deadline of the assets declaration scheme is June 30 and earlier PM has said many times that there will be no sign of any extension in deadline for assets declaration scheme.

PM Khan also said that “If people are reluctant in paying taxes, then it would be difficult for us to pull ourselves out of this huge burden of loans.”

“If the public wishes, we can easily collect taxes worth Rs8 trillion. It is now up to the people to decide if we want to work together to help the country sustain itself” independently, he added.

“Around two million people pay taxes in Pakistan and that is the lowest rate of tax-payers in the world. No one can run a country this way,” he said.

A country can only progress when its leaders are under the law. “A ruler who engages in corruption, forces its state institutions into complete disaster,” PM mentioned.


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