Hiring – An important & stressful job


Sehrish Khan

Sehrish Khan, working as a digital content writer at 'The News Vision'. She is a media sciences student and working as a content writer for last five years.
Sehrish Khan

Hiring, one of the most important and hectic task for the management of any organization. It seems easy to hire a new talented employee among the bundle of impressive resumes but it is the most complex thing to do. To shortlist the brilliant and the most deserving candidate is a tiring, stressful and time-consuming chore.

Hiring a wrong person will directly escort towards the declining of productivity whereas the right person will lead towards the surging of productivity. New hiring can drastically transform your business. So the people involved in the process of hiring should be well-versed with all key skills and abilities that are the pre-requisites for any job and then shortlist the most suitable candidate who can perfectly mold into the job should be preferred.

When a candidate applies for the job and receives a call from the HR department for the interview then-candidate tries their level best to get in the good books of the interviewer in the first go so that they can be hired for the job. The priority of the company is to hire a professional and the best candidate means ‘Right person for the right job’

“Hire slow, fire fast” phrase itself explains the entire process. In some non-professional workplaces management people are too fast in hiring the new employees who can simply substitute the old one instantly. Every medium of the job have a different requirement, it is totally useless to hire a person who is not at all relevant to the job or lacks interest in a particular job.

You can’t hire a banker to cook or a watch man to manage the company. In some cases just to earn bread and butter people opt for the jobs which are not relevant to their past experiences. Even management hire many, non-capable candidates in the smaller amount wages so that they work should not be stopped, without overlooking the fact that it will give a set back to the companies production.

Then business owners must understand that a particular person should be hired for a specific job, it should not be mismanaged that bundle of workers in the company is burdened by playing the role of an all-rounder.

The hiring department should define and brief the job details to the candidate so it will give them proper analysis to rectify the requirements of the particular company. Education, experience, and skills are important so do the attitude of the candidate. Passionate and opportunity availed will be the paramount choice instead of a paycheck working person.

Always hope for the best and approach the employee who fits in the cultural environment of the workplace. Interaction and dealing with other co-workers is the priority and key element towards the group work. Single employ is not responsible for the progress of the company rather entire staff is responsible for the development, as it is well said: “United we stand”.

As hiring is crucial, so the hiring manager should be extra cautious in its entire process. The best hiring practice will surely results in giving the company the best workforce.


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