Cheating in examination; A menace that needs to be eradicated


Syeda Hoor Shumail

Hoor Shumail, is working as Digital Content Writer at The News Vision. She acquires great passion towards producing quality content. Also manages few tasks of social media as well.
Syeda Hoor Shumail

A curse by which our society is confronted is “cheating in exams”. It is a disease, a malpractice or just a necessary evil. We have decided to forget about this issue because like so many other issues in our national life, we found it very hard to solve. But we can’t overlook it indefinitely because it is ruining the very purpose of examinations in our schools.

Pathetic quality of curriculum and text books, outdated instructional methodologies, lack of suitably qualified staff, poor management and monitoring, among all these and a myriad of other problems that our education system finds itself tackling today is cheating in exam.

Why do students cheat? We have number of reasons like fear of failure, peer pressure, fierce competition and unequal opportunities push students to adopt cheating in exams as a behavior and they try to excel at that. Cheating is expedient, it is an easy way to pass, students have set minds that they should not pay attention the whole year and cheat confidently in exam.

As for the students this is more than just the last resort, this has become an acceptable means to achieve desired grades in exams. Vast majority of students deem this to be their right to use cheat sheets in exams, and to help their friends and be helped by their friends in exams

Students in order to make their parents proud, study really hard, even if they aren’t good at studies, they leave no stone unturned and make use of any means to do this, this includes cheating in exams.

The problem is that the underpaid teachers are expected to produce hundred percent results in annual exam every year. Every year students fail because they are not interested in studying the subject they are being taught, or they don’t have the right aptitude for that subject. Sometimes students fail because they don’t have positive motivation from their parents and family. Students may also fail in exams because of psychological reasons. In many cases teachers’ negligence and incompetence is responsible for students’ failures, but this is just one of the many reasons.

Cheating in our board exams has become one of the biggest and most common practices in Pakistan.  In small cities and rural areas of Pakistan, cheating is done openly. Students now get help through their cell phones that are allowed after spending some money. Using wrong means in exam is the biggest threat to our society. The whole education system is spoiled. Not only the students are blamed, the teachers, parents & the management overall are to be blamed.

Students, specially affiliated to any political party have very hard influence on our educational system; threatening and bullying are common elements in boards of examination. It is a highly organized and very wide spread factor in some areas of our country.

This is the reason why foreigners do not recognize our degrees; degrees which are gained through evil and fraud tactics. The hard workers and honest students only suffer from this malpractice in examination centers. In order to prevent this issue, method of examination should be changed and strict and unbiased vigilance should be conducted at every institution. We can get rid from this only if the government put stern and prompt action against all those who are involved in such acts as this is an alarming issue on which the fate of coming generations is dependent.


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